Academic Block

The College has two Academic Blocks, a main Block And an additional Block. The MAin Academic Block is accommodating 12 teaching Departments namely:

  1. Veterinary Anatomy & Histology
  2. Animal Nutrition
  3. Veterinary Physiology
  4. Veterinary BioChemistry
  5. Animal Genetics & Breeding
  6. Veterinary Prasitology
  7. Veterinary microBiology
  8. Veterinary Pathology
  9. Veterinary Public Health
  10. Veterinary Pharmacology & Toxicology
  11. Veterinary Epidemiology & Prevetive Medicine
  12. Livestock Product Technology


The Additional Academic Block is Housing two Departments, namely:

  1. Veterinary Clinical Medicine
  2. Animal Reproduction, Gynaecology & Obstetrics


All the Departments, Sections, Offices, Hostels,Guest Houses and Residence have been provided with 2Mbps Broadband Internet and Voice Over Internet Protocol (Voip) Connectivity.