Dr. Gunjan Das

Teaching Staff
Associate Professor

Specialization: Veterinary Medicine

Research projects:

  1. Studies on Prevalence of Cryptosporidial infection in Swine population in and around Aizawl (As PI: IRP-CAU/Completed)
  2. Clinico-therapeutic studies on Demodecosis and Flea Allergy Dermatitis in dogs (As PI: IRP-CAU/Ongoing)
  3. Molecular epidemiological studies of Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MSRA) in clinical and sub-clinical bovine mastitis in Mizoram, Tripura and bovine & caprine mastitis in West Bengal (As PI: DBT/Ongoing)
  4. Studies on effect of different herbal preparations on wound healing and angiogenesis (As PI: DBT/Ongoing)
  5. Outreach Programme on Ethnoveterinary Medicine (As Co-PI: ICAR/Ongoing)
  6. Studies on prevalence of methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aurius among pigs and dogs in and around Aizawl (As Co-PI: IRP-CAU/Completed)
  7. Incidence of Lameness and its management in dairy cattle in and around Aizawl city (As Co-PI: IRP-CAU/Completed)
  8. Studies on Epidemiological Aspect of Diarrhoea Among Pre-weaned Piglets in Mizoram As Co-PI: IRP-CAU/Completed)
  9. Clinico-haematological studies on the prevalence of haemoprotozoan diseases of diary cattle (As Co-PI: IRP-CAU/Completed)
  10. Seroprevalence and therapeutic management of sarcoptic infestation of pig in Mizoram” (As Co-PI: IRP-CAU/Ongoing)
  11. “Clinico-epidemiological and patho-biochemical studies on canine parvo virus type-2 infections in dogs” (As Co-PI: IRP-CAU/Ongoing)


Research Papers:

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