Dr. Fazal Ali Ahmed

Teaching Staff
Head of Department

Specialization: Animal Reproduction


Research publications:

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  1. Certain aspects of reproduction in female Mithun (Bos frontalis). Scholars press publication. ISBN: 978-3-639-70655-0.
  2. Reproductive management and technologies for augmenting fertility in farm animals (2014). 978-93-5174-564-8,  Raja Rammhun Roy National Agency for ISBN, GOI, MHRD, Do Higher Education, New Delhi

Research Projects:

1. “Studies on characteristics and preservation of semen of local Mizo pig (Zovawk)” (As Co- PI: IRP/ Completed) 

2. “Morphometric characteristics, reproductive and productive performance of local cattle (Zobawng) of Mizoram in field condition (As Co- PI: IRP/ Completed) 

3. “Studies on success of Artificial Insemination in dairy cows in the field condition of Mizoram” (As Co- PI: IRP/ Completed) 

4. “Livelihood improvement and empowerment of rural poor through sustainable farming system in N.E. India” (As Co- PI: NAIP/ Completed) 

5. “Molecular and sero diagnosis of Surra in Livestock in North Eastern States of India” (As Co- PI: DBT/ Ongoing)