Veterinary Physiology & Biochemistry


The department is well equipped with some state of the art facilities viz. Preparative Dual pump Gradient RP-HPLC system, Refrigerated high speed centrifuge, UV-Vis double beam spectrophotometer, electrophoresis systems with gel-documentation system, Sterile work bench with BSL-I, Dual block gradient thermal cycler, CO2 incubator, automatic blood analyzer, physiograph, automatic weather system etc.

Teaching Activities:
•    B.V.Sc. & A.H. Programme: AS per MSVE Regulations-2008 (20 Credit Hrs. + VLD)
•    M.V.Sc.  Programme As per ICAR Revised Postgraduate Course Curricula-2009 (60 Credit Hrs.)

Research Priorities:
•    Enumeration of Haemato-biochemical status of livestock and poultry in NE agro-climatic condition with special emphasis on its native species.
•    Endocrine studies of the different species of animals for increasing the productivity.
•    Targeted gene mutation for developing effective vaccines for livestock and poultry species.
•    Isolation, fractionation and characterization of different milk proteins from dairy animals of NE region.
•    Isolation and identification of active principles in medicinal plants found in NE region.

Research activities:
•    Effect of age, sex, season and managemental practices on the selected Haemato-biochemical parameters of Broiler Quail at Aizawl. (PI: Dr. P.S. Mahapatra; IRP/Completed)
•    Evaluation of fodders in Aizawl District for their Lectin content. (PI: Dr. M. Ayub Ali; IRP/Completed)
•    Effect of season and age on selected Haemato-biochemical profile of local pig (Zovawk) of Mizoram. (PI: Dr. Prava Mayengbam; IRP/Completed)
•    Haemoglobin variants and haemoglobinopathies screening in Mizoram population. (PI: Dr. M. Ayub Ali; DBT/Ongoing)
•    Haemato-biochemical profile of Mithun (P.G. research)
•    Mitogen stimulated cytokine gene expression in PBMC in local and exotic breeds of pigs (P.G. research).

Extension & Other Activities:
The faculty members of the department actively participate in the Animal health camps organized by the college at different places in Mizoram besides delivering lectures in various training programmes in the college. The department has also organized one 10 days training programme sponsored by ICAR for faculty members of Agricultural Universities and Scientists of ICAR institutes.

List of Courses Offered by the Department

Undergraduate Programme

Course ID Course Name Duration
VBC-111 General Veterinary Biochemistry 2+1 Ch.Hrs
VBC-121 Physiological Chemistry 2+1 Ch.Hrs
VBC-122 Introduction to Molecular Biology & Biotechnology 1+1 Ch.Hrs
VBC-411 Veterinary Clinical Biochemistry 1+1 Ch.Hrs
VLD-421 Veterinary Laboratory Diagnosis I ** 0+2 Ch.Hrs
VLD-511 Veterinary Laboratory Diagnosis II ** 0+2 Ch.Hrs

Postgraduate Programme

Course ID Course Name Duration
VBC-601 Biochemistry of Lipids & Carbohydrates 1+1 Ch.Hrs
VBC-602 Biochemistry of Proteins & Nucleic Acids 1+1 Ch.Hrs
VBC-603 Biochemistry of Vitamins And Hormones 2+0 Ch.Hrs
VBC-604 Enzymology 1+1 Ch.Hrs
VBC-605 Physical Biochemistry 1+0 Ch.Hrs
VBC-606 Metabolism of Carbohydrates and Lipids 3+0 Ch.Hrs
VBC-607 Metabolism of Amino Acids, Purines & Pyrimidines 2+0 Ch.Hrs
VBC-608 Molecular Biochemistry 2+0 Ch.Hrs
VBC-609 Techniques in Biochemistry 2+1 Ch.Hrs
VBC-701 Cellular Biochemistry 1+0 Ch.Hrs
VBC-702 Biochemistry of Specialized Tissues 2+0 Ch.Hrs
VBC-703 Biochemistry of Blood & Body Fluids 1+0 Ch.Hrs
VBC-704 Biotechnology & Genetic Engineering 2+0 Ch.Hrs
VBC-704 Clinical Biochemistry 2+1 Ch.Hrs
VBC-705 Nutritional Biochemistry 2+0 Ch.Hrs
VBC-801 Environmental Biochemistry 1+0 Ch.Hrs
VBC-802 Advanced Molecular Biochemistry 2+0 Ch.Hrs
VBC-803 Membrane Biochemistry 1+0 Ch.Hrs
VBC-804 Advanced Enzymology 2+0 Ch.Hrs
VBC-805 Analytical Biochemistry 1+2 Ch.Hrs
VBC-806 Developmental Biochemistry 1+0 Ch.Hrs

** These courses are conducted by Dept. of Veterinary biochemistry as part of Teaching Veterinary Clinical Service Complex.

Department Activities

Isolation and analysis of antioxidant compound in HPLC.
Centrifugation of the plant extracts (spices & culinary herbs) for Antioxidant .And Antimicrobial properties estimation.
Students analyzing the biological samples in clinical biochemistry laboratory

Teaching Faculty

M.Sc., Ph.D.
Head of Department
Assistant Professor
M.Sc., Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
M.V.Sc., Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
Associate Professor
M.V.Sc., Ph.D.

Supporting Staff

N. Meena Devi
Field-cum-Lab Assistant
N. Subhaschandra
Field-cum-Lab Assistant
James Sanglura
Multi Tasking Staff
Shailendra Kr. Sahani
Multi Tasking Staff