Livestock Product Technology


Almost all basic Laboratory Equipments for meat processing; Food Texture Analyser; Bowl Chopper; Sausage stuffer; Smoke Unit; Meat mincer; Meat slicer etc.

Teaching Activities:

B.V.Sc. & A.H. Programme
AS per MSVE Regulations-2008 (6 Credit Hrs.)
M.V.Sc.  Programme
As per ICAR Revised Postgraduate Course Curricula-2009 (60 Credit Hrs.)

Research Priorities:

  • Value added and functional meat / milk products
  • Shelf stable meat products
  • Traditional meat products

Research activities :

  • Quality and cost of milk available to the consumers of Aizawl. (P.I.- Dr. P. Prabhakaran; IRP/Completed)
  • Development of functional chicken nuggets and patties incorporated with French bean and chick-pea flour and its quality evaluation. (P.I.-Dr. (Mrs) Pragati Hazarika; IRP/ongoing)

Extension & Other Activities:

  • Demonstration to farmers about scientific slaughter techniques and value addition of meat products.
  • Participation in animal health camps
  • Published leaflets to distribute among the farmers during any camp, fair or trainings organized by the Institute.
  • Every year students are trained in “Entrepreneurship Training Programme”  for further processing of meat in order to develop entrepreneur skills in future.


List of Courses Offered by the Department

Undergraduate Programme

Course ID Course Name Duration
LPT 311 Milk and Milk Products Technology 1+1 Ch.Hrs
LPT 321 Abattoir Practices and Animal Byproducts Technology 1+1 Ch.Hrs
LPT 321 Meat and Meat Product Technology Including Poultry 1+1 Ch.Hrs

Postgraduate Programme

Course ID Course Name Duration
LPT-601 Slaughter Practices & Meat Inspection 2+1 Ch.Hrs
LPT-602 Fresh Meat Technology & Quality 1+1 Ch.Hrs
LPT-603 Food Microbiology 1+1 Ch.Hrs
LPT-604 Principles Of Food Packaging & Sensory Evaluation 1+1 Ch.Hrs
LPT-605 Milk & Milk Products Processing 2+1 Ch.Hrs
LPT-606 Chemistry Of Milk & Milk Products 1+1 Ch.Hrs
LPT-701 Developments In Abattoir Management & Meat 2+0 Ch.Hrs
LPT-702 Developments In Fresh Meat Technology 1+1 Ch.Hrs
LPT-703 Processed Meat Technology 1+1 Ch.Hrs
LPT-704 Meat Structure & Chemistry 1+1 Ch.Hrs
LPT-705 Advanced Food Microbiology 1+1 Ch.Hrs
LPT-706 Slaughterhouse By-Products 1+1 Ch.Hrs
LPT-707 Current Trends In Packaging Of Livestock Products 1+1 Ch.Hrs
LPT-708 Sensory Evaluation Of Livestock Products 1+1 Ch.Hrs
LPT-709 Principles Of Engineering Applied To The Livestock Product Processing 1+2 Ch.Hrs
LPT-710 Dairy Processing 2+1 Ch.Hrs
LPT-711 Dairy By-Products 1+1 Ch.Hrs

Department Activities

Students Engaged in Meat Product Preparation
Meat mincing using meat mincer

Teaching Faculty

Assistant Professor
M.V.Sc., Ph.D.
Head of Department

Supporting Staff

Mr. K. Lalbiakthanga
Field-cum-Lab Assistant
Mr. Vanlalfinga
Field-cum-Lab Assistant
Mr. Vanlalhruaia
Multi Tasking Staff