Animal Nutrition


The department is well equipped with some state of the art facilities viz. Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer, Fluorescence Spectrophotometer, Rumen Simulation Technique(RUSITEC), Complete Feed Block preparation machine , Urea  Mineral Molasses Block(UMMB) making Machine etc.

Teaching Activities:

B.V.Sc. & A.H. Programme: As per MSVE, VCI Regulations-2008, three courses (6+3=9 Credit Hrs) are exclusively offered by the department and two courses are also offered as collaborating department.
M.V.Sc.  Programme: As per ICAR restructured & Revised Postgraduate Course Curricula-2009 (60 Cr. Hrs.)
Ph.D. Programme: As per ICAR Restructured & Revised Postgraduate Course Curricula-2009 (75 Credit Hrs.)

Research Priorities:

  • Evaluation of nutritive value of unconventional feeds available in NE region as livestock  feed and utilization of non-conventional feed/ fodder resources
  • Preservation and storage of feed and fodder
  • Feed processing (Complete Feed Block, TMR etc) for efficient utilization of locally available feed and fodder
  • Study of mineral content in soil, plant and animal and their relationship in NE region.
  • Problem solving  approach like formulating area specific mineral mixture
  • Scientific feeding packages and practices for livestock especially pig in the NE region.

Research activities:

  • Nutritional Evaluation of tree fodders used as livestock feed in Mizoram.
  • Identification and Evaluation of indigenous/local feed resources of pig and formulation of economic balanced ration for sustainable productivity in Aizawl District of Mizoram.
  • Feed processing (Complete Feed Block ) for efficient utilization of locally available feed and fodder for cattle feeding
  • Studies on soil-plant- animal continuum in relation to mineral status of livestock to augment the animal production in Mizoram.

Extension & Other Activities:

  • Participation in the Animal Health camp and other extension programme.
  • Preparation of Leaflets/posters regarding the feeding and nutrition of feeding and nutrition of animal.
  • Trainings and demonstration of nutritional technology to the farmers.

Consultancy offered with details:

The Department has been engaged in analyzing the nutrient content in various feeds and fodders samples received from line departments and NGOs and provide consultancy service to them.


Department Activities

Teaching Faculty

M.V.Sc., Ph.D.
Head of Department
Assistant Professor
Assistant Professor

Supporting Staff

Margaret K. Leivang
Field-cum-Lab Assistant
Multi Tasking Staff