Academic Activities


All the teaching Department are actively engaged in basic and applied location specific research activities in their respective areas of specializations.



The College is actively engaged in extension education programme by way of conducting on-campus and off campus farmer's training, publishing informative litreture, organizing / participating in exhibitions/kisan meals etc..., organizing animal health camps, kisan gosthis and participations in radio and TV talks/discussion.



The College Encourages extra-curricular activities that enrich cultural, physical, mental and social Life of the students. The indoor Games Facilities are Provided in every hostel. Outdoor and gymnasium facilities are also provided in the Sports and gymnasium Complex of the college.



The College has all the facilities needed to organize cultural and literary events such as fresher's Social Meet (5th September every year), College Week (First week of february every year) and Interclass Debate Competitions.



National Cadet Corps (NCC) has been Functioning in the College since 2004 for overall Holistics development of the students. Over the time, cadets attended various National Integration and Annual Training Campus and passed "B" Certificate NCC Examination succesfully.



The NSS Unit of the College has been operating since 2004 and has conducted several NSS Special Camping Programmes. Under the banner of NSS, student voluntrees clean the college Campus, Plant Tree and donate Blood regularly.